Undangan Instan

Terms and Conditions

A. Applicable Terms and Conditions

  1. The completion process has an estimated time of 1-7 working days depending on the queue level, and it may be faster if there is no backlog.
  2. Undanginstan.com has the right to upload the invitations we create on social media accounts or distribute them for promotional purposes without requiring permission from any party.
  3. Revisions can be made as long as there are no requests for changes to the chosen invitation theme and no addition or alteration of photos.
  4. Undanganinstan.com only sells digital products in the form of access to the invitation website and does not sell physical products in the form of hard copies.
  5. All customers are required to fill out the invitation form data accurately.
  6. Each order will be executed if the customer has paid the invoice in full at the beginning or it can end after processing.
  7. For payments after an invitation, the maximum time limit is 1×12 hours, if there is no confirmation of payment, the invitation that has been made will be drafted (inaccessible) temporarily.
  8. All digital invitations on undanganinstan.com have a watermark as a sign of ownership. To remove the watermark, an additional fee of $20 /invitation will be charged outside the order.
  9. The validity period of the invitation varies from 6 months to 1 year, after which the invitation will be deleted. Extension of the active period incurs a fee of $10 /6 months.
  10. Price promotions on undanganinstan.com are only valid until the specified deadline.
  11. The prices stated for each invitation theme are fixed prices and not negotiable.
  12. For background music, we only provide songs or instruments that are Free Copyright, which means we do not provide and do not allow requests for copyrighted songs, as it is prohibited by law.
  13. undanganinstan.com is not responsible for websites that fail to be accessed due to the user’s bad connection, use of the browser not according to recommendations, and others problems with the user’s smartphone.

B. Music Terms

  1. Copyright: Ensure that the service users only use music with valid copyright or royalty-free music for their digital invitations. It is prohibited to use music that infringes on the copyrights of third parties.
  2. Licenses and Permissions: If the service users want to use copyrighted music, they must obtain an official license or permission from the copyright holder. Make sure to follow the appropriate procedures to obtain the necessary music usage permissions.
  3. Musicians and Composers: Respect the work of musicians and composers by using their music in accordance with applicable terms. Do not claim music as your own without proper permission.
  4. Personal Use: Ensure that the music you use in your digital invitations is only for personal use and not used for commercial purposes without the necessary permission.
  5. Legal Action: If there are copyright infringements or claims from third parties regarding the use of music, you will be fully responsible for any legal actions that may be taken. We will not be held responsible for copyright violations committed by users.
  6. User Responsibility: The service users are fully responsible for the use of music in their digital invitations. We do not provide music or give legal advice regarding copyright. Make sure to research and obtain the necessary permissions before using music in your digital invitations.
  7. Changes and Removal: We reserve the right to remove or replace music that infringes on copyright or violates these usage terms without prior notice.

C. Payment

At undanganinstan.com, we offer several payment methods, including:


D. Delivery

Every completed website invitation that we create will be sent in the form of a link that can be accessed anytime, along with a form to easily generate the names of invitation guests.

Example: https://www.undanganinstan.com/AhmadDea?to=recipient’s+name

E. Operating Hours

As ordinary humans, we also need rest, so our working hours follow normal working hours:

  • 07:00 AM – 05:00 PM (Monday-Saturday)
  • 07:00 AM – 03:00 PM (Sunday/holidays)

All incoming WhatsApp messages will be processed one by one from the bottom, so please avoid spamming to ensure your message is responded to.

F. Criticisms & Suggestions

We continuously strive for development and improvement of our services. Therefore, if you have any suggestions or criticisms, please send them to the contacts below:

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