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Create a memorable wedding experience with our elegant and personalized digital wedding invitations. We provide creative designs and interactive features that will make your special moment truly unforgettable.

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We are a provider of digital invitation services dedicated to delivering modern, practical, and stunning invitation experiences which is located in Indonesia. With a focus on creativity and cutting-edge technology, we provide innovative and personalized invitation solutions, ensuring that every special moment in your life is blessed with unique and impressive invitations.

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We offer very affordable prices for resellers.

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Maximize your profit with unlimited selling prices.

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No registration fee is required.

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Get free landing pages and product catalogs.

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The final result is a high-quality invitation that matches the demo theme.

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You don't need a server to run this business.

Payment at the End

Safe transactions with payment after the invitation is finalized.

Free Revision

Get free revisions if customers want to make changes.


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Custom Name

Unlimited Guest

Event Information

Bride Profile


Location Maps

Countdown Timer

RSVP Presence

Wedding Gifts

QR Code Check in

Live Streaming


Backsound Music

Love Story

Wish & Pray Guest

Instagram Filter

Opening Cover

Reminder Date

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Yes, it's just that you can't change the theme, it's only a change of event details,
or information on the website later.

That's okay, just send a new photo and replace the previous one.

Depending on the package chosen, some start from 6 months to 1 year of active period.

Choose your theme on the desired website/video invitation product catalog page, then let the admin know if it's done, then you will be guided for the next steps.

Saat ini kami hanya menyediakan daftar list backsound No Copyright, dan kami tidak menerima request lagu-lagu yang ada copyrightnya karena hal tersebut bertentangan dengan hukum hak cipta yang ada serta berpotensi terkena sanksi hukum.

Normally the estimate is 1-3 days, but if you're free your invitation will be completed in less than 1 day.

This feature is to record potential invited guests who are willing to attend the event later. There are 2 types of RSVP, namely through the Google sheet form & via WhatsApp.

Yes, later you can send it in the form of a link, for example on Instagram or other social media. To spread invitations on WA so that the link can be clicked, it must be shared with the contact who saved our number before, if he hasn't saved the link it won't be clickable unless it's copied and pasted into a Google URL.

If with us the revision will be completed in less than 1 day, even though it's a holiday, it will still be done.

With us, you can make an invitation first, then pay later. It's just that after the invitation is made there is no news and ghosting, then temporarily the invitation is in Draft (cannot be accessed).

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